Techno Tatty Puppy delivers cutting edge cute

6.12.12 Carte Blanche Group has unveiled its most innovative toy to date – a pink puppy with a blue nose and a host of hi-tech tricks.

Join In and Play Tatty Puppy will hit the market in June 2013 alongside My Blue Nose Friends and a magical wardrobe ‘carry case’ for Dress Up and Play accessories.
A newcomer to the toy sector in 2012, Carte Blanche-branded toys have enjoyed unexpected levels of success, with two toy industry awards as well as accolades from leading retailer John Lewis. Carte Blanche is currently celebrating its silver anniversary, with plenty to look forward to in the coming year.
The hero product for next year is Join In and Play Tatty Puppy, a plush toy which interacts with playful puppy sounds and movements when stroked on the head or back. Tatty Puppy also interacts with the very latest App technology, enabling the cute pooch to respond to a free game download. As children play the fun mini-game, Tatty Puppy will wag its tail, move its ears and head, sit, and rest on its front paws. Puppy sounds include yapping, panting, barking and a loveable whimper. Tatty Puppy has 16 different movement combinations, offering children hours of imaginative play, with or without the free App (available across iOS and Android). The range also includes a selection of Tatty Puppy dress up clothing items.
(My Blue Nose Friends Playable Soft Toys offer an adorable new soft pattern format for the bestselling brand. Originally launched in 2008 as 5” collectable plush, My Blue Nose Friends already enjoys a phenomenal following. The new soft pattern format is aimed at younger children, with a range of super-cuddly plush in six characters: Twiggy the Giraffe, Fluffy the Sheepdog, Jungle the Orang-utan, Tiny the Mouse, Cuddles the Bear and Toots the Elephant.
Dress Up and Play Tatty Teddy brings role play to life and, new for 2013, Tatty Teddy has a brand new wardrobe which is perfect for storing cute outfits and accessories. Tatty Teddy’s Wardrobe comes complete with one outfit and can double-up as a handy carry case.
Ruth Leonard, CBG Marketing Director, said: “Launching into toy was the obvious next step for our bestselling brands Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends, but in the prevailing economic climate there was always an element of risk involved. However, the launch has been an overwhelming success, giving us the confidence to innovate even further with Tatty Puppy.
“ Join in and Play Tatty Puppy is a truly original toy which ticks so many boxes. It encourages imaginative play whilst also tapping into the trend for technology. I love the fact that children can play the mini-game while Tatty Puppy interacts at the same time – it’s an added dimension which enhances the play experience.”
All the new products will be on display at the Carte Blanche Group stand B130 at the Toy Fair in January 2013. Visitors to the stand can play the App on a big screen and watch Tatty Puppy in action.

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