Me to You celebrates the ‘moments that matter’ with a new Christmas animation

Taking the title ‘Life Revolving’ This captivating animation centers on the key moments in a lifetime that matter with Tatty Teddy always there for these special occasions. 

Watching through the eyes of a little girl as she grows up, this heartfelt film follows her journey from birth to adulthood, always with Tatty Teddy by her side. The sentiment at the end of the animation ties this together – Thank you for always being there. Merry Christmas from Me to You.

The new animation, created by Fudge Animation Studios in Photo Real CGI, will form the basis of the Me to You 25 year anniversary celebrations, with a new brand strapline ‘Sharing 25 years of the Moments that Matter’.

Carte Blanche Marketing Manager, Grace Elphinstone comments ‘Christmas and the festive period is the perfect time to bring together friends and family and we wanted to celebrate this and all of the other moments in a lifetime that help form these special connections. For twenty five years, Me to You has held a very special place in the hearts of consumers who see the brand as the ‘go to’ to share the moments that matter with family and friends. The animation captures our brand values, enabling consumers to send a message that conveys the sentiment that they can’t quite put into words.’

James Hill, Creative Director at Fudge Animation, comments: “We wanted the Me to You animation to delve into the essence of what makes Me to You so special. Those very human relationships and personal side of gifting. We hope the film and the overarching idea of ‘Sharing the Moments that Matter’ will inspire everyone to take a moment to appreciate their loved ones this Christmas.

Watch the animation here 

The animation will be launched on Carte Blanche Social Media Channels and will be supported with additional, email marketing activity, online content and competitions.