Me to You Sharing the Moments that Matter for 25 years

2020 marks an important milestone for Me to You, with brand owner, Carte Blanche Greetings, using Spring Fair to launch its Everyday Plush & Gift Refresh and to communicate the message that Me to You has been the go to brand for Sharing the Moments that Matter for 25 years.
Marketing Manager, Grace Elphinstone comments: “Me to You is an evergreen brand that truly stands the test of time. As a business we take great care to evolve the brand to stay relevant to our consumers and customers. Our 2020 Everyday Plush and Gift Refresh is a great example of this. Not only have created a new range incorporating design trends, but we have also been careful to respond to changes in consumer behaviours and buying habits and the trends we see emerging in the wider socio-economic environments. The result is an exciting and compelling new range of plush and gifts designed to appeal to a broader audience featuring brand new product formats alongside our refreshed
consistent top selling lines.
The Me to You Everyday Plush & Gift collection introduces a differentiated approach, supported by strong Point of Sale, which segments the entire offering, ensuring relevancy to a wide range of customers:
• Signature Collection – a premium offering perfect for milestone occasions. Staying true to the heritage of Me to You and using premium fabrics and embellishments and clean, crisp packaging, the Signature Collection has a timeless appeal
• Essentials Collection – the bread and butter of the Me to You offer, with best-selling plush and gift formats for Everyday occasion and relation sends. Fun colourful and effervescent, Essentials appeals to all customers
• Bee Wild and Wonderful – offers gifting with dual purpose for customers who demand gifts that are usable as well as beautiful. This range also incorporated a range of sustainable products to fit with today’s environmentally conscious lifestyles
• Be Thoughtful, Be Kind, Be You is a motivational and uplifting range of gifts and self-purchase treats focusing on the current trend for mindfulness and wellbeing. Contemporary and feminine, this range will appeal to both new and existing customers.
The Spring Fair launch forms just part of a packed year of trade and consumer marketing activity geared around communicating the message that Me to You is the perfect brand for ‘Sharing the Moments that Matter’. This message will feature across POS and retailer initiatives, as well as consumer activity in the form of a number of cute animations which will be released throughout the year and supported by social media campaigns.
Grace comments: “Video content is dominating the online marketing landscape thanks to its limitless potential reach. Following a well received debut of our Christmas animation which saw Tatty Teddy bought to life in CGI for the first time and attracting a social media reach of over 528K, we see it as a great opportunity to tell our brand story, engage with new audiences and showcase the brand’s enormous creative capacity.”
The Me to You Valentines animation released at the end of January can be found on the Official Me to You YouTube channel.