Carte Blanche Steps Out In Style

18/1/13 Carte Blanche Group is delighted to announce a new footwear licensing partner for its bestselling Me to You brand.

 Brand International will produce Me to You baby, children’s and adult’s slippers, as well as wellies, sandals and trainers under license. Apparel sales for the Me to You brand have grown threefold over the past year and the new license for Brand International will ensure that the important footwear category is not left behind.

 Jane Vaughan Smith, CBG Licensing Manager, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Rob and his team at Brand International. Their enthusiasm and focus will ensure footwear sales reflect the success we are enjoying on apparel.” 

Rob Meara, Sales Director, said: “Every now and then a character comes along that you simply have to get involved with, Tatty Teddy is one of those. The Me to You concept stands independent from all other characters. Millions of consumers have received Tatty Teddy gift cards and plush toys over the years and the unmistakeable warmth Tatty Teddy gives out transfers perfectly to Footwear and Apparel. Within 24 hours we’ve got a full book of appointments to discuss with retailers how we can best utilise Tatty Teddy in their Ladies and Girls Footwear ranges, we expect Tatty Teddy to be a key contributor in our already extremely exciting 2013/14 portfolio”

 The Brand International range of MTY footwear can be found in store from winter 2013.