Carte Blanche releases first app

24/4/13 The Appy world of Blue Nose Friends

 From the creators of Me to You and Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends, Carte Blanche has launched its first app, opening the door to an interactive world of Blue Nose Adventures with an exciting new Blue Nose Friends – Tatty Puppy app.

  Girls from 4-8 years old will love playing with their favourite Blue Nose Friends; Binky the Panda, Passion the Lovebug, Blossom the Rabbit, Cottonsocks the Sheep, Peanuts’ the Hamster and Coco the Monkey, plus special appearances from other new friends.

 The free app features a fun mini-game, Peanuts’ Biscuit Bake, which is set in Peanuts’ kitchen.  Children will enjoy rolling dough and cutting biscuits into the shape of their favourite Blue Nose Friends.  Peanuts puts the biscuits in the oven to bake and children can decorate them with brightly coloured icing, plenty of sprinkles and yummy sweets!  Once the biscuits are ready, children can take pictures of their creations and send to their best friends.

 The extended version of The Blue Nose Friends – Tatty Puppy app(RRP £1.99) comprises six games, Blossom’s Skip & Jump, Coco’s Beach Band, Passion’s Magical Garden, Cottonsocks’ Card Match, Binky’s Hide ‘n’ Seek and Peanuts’ Biscuit Bake. 

 Blossom’s Skip & Jump is set in a magical woodland.  Children  tap on the screen to get Blossom to jump over the skipping rope as many times as possible.  To earn more points players can make Blossom jump extra high by twirling and summersaulting into the air and retrieving bonus fruit and vegetables!

 Coco’s Beach Band has seven different instruments that can be shared between the five cute beach characters to create musical harmonies.  

 Passion’s Magical Garden is really bright and colourful!  Using colour variations, children can create their own fun and unusual flowers like kissing flowers, chiming bluebells and sweetie flowers.

 Cottonsocks’ Card Match is a memory game based around matching pairs.  Children can play this game themselves or against their friends to see who can match the most of the Blue Nose Friends character cards.

 Join in and play Binky’s Hide ‘n’ Seek.   Binky hides in the magical virtual world  and children can tilt and move their device to find him and earn puzzle pieces!

 Tatty Puppy introduces the games and then leads players on a magical adventure through Tatty Teddy’s blue wardrobe.  In the wardrobe are enchanted doors which open on to different games.  Players can also watch story animations by unlocking pieces of a jigsaw puzzle during each game.  Both versions of the app feature recognisable voices from the interactive Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends plush toys and encourage creativity, musicality, numeracy and memory skills.

 With no in-app charges or advertising, children will be safe while exploring the world of Blue Nose Friends – Tatty Puppy.

 Available on iOS from the end of April and android from July.  Free mini-game or full version £1.99. 

Tatty Puppy available from July 2013.

App developed by Masters of Pie.

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