In Their Shoes

21/8/13 Carte Blanche fosters a culture of mutual respect and excellent service with a new job swap initiative

We’ve all heard the saying “You’ll never truly understand a person until you walk a mile in their shoes”. This is great advice but how many times do we actually really take this on board in our daily lives?

The team at Carte Blanche have taken this sentiment very literally, launching a programme of job swaps designed to ensure that all team members appreciate and understand the importance of every department and function within the company.

The initiative has been launched with a job swap between Independent Sales Executive, Paul Field, and Customer Service Team Leader, Laura Chinery, who spent a week working in each other’s roles earlier this month.

The exercise has already generated huge insights into not only the difficulties faced by each department but also the hard work and passion that is evident across the Carte Blanche business.

Paul who manages the Lancashire & Cumbria area comments, “It has certainly opened my eyes to the passion felt in the office and the desire to keep on pushing to make the business grow stronger every day. This is the same goal and passion felt by the sales force”

Carte Blanche place enormous emphasis on service, recently being nominated for a coveted ‘Finalist’ place in The Henries, the ‘Oscar’s’ of the greetings card industry. The job swap initiative is designed to give even greater focus to this area as Carte Blanche Sales Director, Martin Horner, explains:

“We are dedicated to providing the very best service to our retailers and in order to do this, it’s important to invest in our own people to ensure they truly understand the challenges faced in the retail environment. By creating a programme of job swaps, we can pull together to ensure that retailers enjoy a seamless service, from the moment the Sales Executive visits them to the point when their order arrives on time and in full.”

Carte Blanche customers have reacted positively to the swap as Laura points out: “When we explained the job swap to the customers we visited, they were all very encouraged that we were actively cross training so we could provide a better service for them. They were extremely enthusiastic and thought the whole process was a good idea and should be repeated in more businesses.”