Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends Awarded Top Toy Award as Countdown to Christmas Begins

18/09/2013 With just 99 days to go until Christmas, thoughts are inevitably starting to turn towards the age old question over what to purchase for the kids over the Festive period.

There's so much more magic and fun to be had when, come Christmas morning, there's an avalanche of presents sitting beneath the tree ready to open, but there’s always the nail biting moment when you wonder whether your choice of gift will be discarded after lunch or played with for years to come...
The Independent Toy Awards takes some of the pain out of Christmas by publishing the top toys in a number of categories. Now in its 5th Year, the awards are designed to provide an antidote to the numerous other lists that appear at this time of year. Unlike other awards that are either chosen by a committee of "industry professionals" or buyers with an all-too-obvious interest in pushing certain products, the Independent Toy Awards are voted for solely by independent toy retailers. The result is a telling insight into what those at the sharpest end of the toy industry really think.
Carte Blanche Group’s new Join In and Play Tatty Puppy has achieved a Bronze Award in the competitive App Toys category.  Cheeky, playful, affectionate and fully interactive, Join In and Play Tatty Puppy works as a stand-alone toy, making a range of cute puppy noises and movements when stroked and patted. Even more exciting, Tatty Puppy features the latest app technology and can also interact with the Blue Nose Friends app, responding to the fun games as they are being played.
Carte Blanche Brand Manager, Catherine Lawrence, comments, “It’s wonderful to receive this latest award and a fantastic indictment to be recognised by those at the forefront of toy retail. At Carte Blanche we work hard to ensure that all of our products are thoroughly engaging and at the forefront of innovation. By creating a toy that has bags of playability on its own with the added ‘wow factor’ of being able to interact with a range of entertaining characters in the Blue Nose Friends app, we’ve created a winning formula that will keep children entertained for many months to come.”  
Last year, the Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends toy range scooped a number of top toy awards, including two Silver Dream Toys Awards, a Talking Tots Awards and an Independent Toy Award. Anticipation now runs high for further award success for the brand, having already being announced as a Finalist in the coveted Right Start Awards, where winners will be unveiled next month.