It’s Official: Children Love Dress Up Tatty Teddy!

23/8/13 Tatty Teddy has received a wonderful new accolade from parenting magazine Right Start. Dress-Up Tatty Teddy has been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the magazine’s annual Best Toy awards.

The awards are particularly special, because the toys are tested by families and children, and their comments are taken into account by the judges.  
A tester for Dress-Up Tatty Teddy said: “I can’t remember the last time my child played so quietly for such a long time. Tatty Teddy is now her best friend, she loves all the different outfits and has had so much fun dressing her up.”
Dress-Up Tatty Teddy is a cute and cuddly soft toy which comes with a plush heart which can be hidden inside a secret pocket. There’s also a heart-shaped note where children can write secrets, and an owner’s certificate. A range of adorable outfits and accessories are also available, along with a lovely pink wardrobe which doubles as a handy carry-case.
Right Start is a bi-monthly magazine which covers all aspects of parenting advice for children aged between six months and seven years.